Was du alles mit einem OYEA Bag machen kannst.

What you can do with an OYEA bag.

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The reusable OYEA bags have many different uses for you in your everyday life. We'll show you some ideas on how you can use your bag. Are you ready?

Whether you're traveling, shopping or storing things, the silicone bags are versatile. Simply store them in your backpack, kitchen or freezer and have them to hand at all times. Store food, hygiene products, everyday items or use them for cooking.

OYEA Silicone Bag for Travel, Hiking and Adventure

Silicone bag on adventure
  • Grab an OYEA bag and pack your eco-friendly items like reusable straws, baby food, cutlery and shopping bags. Then you can easily put the bag in your backpack or bag and you're always ready to do without single-use plastic!
  • Put your liquids and toiletries in a silicone bag so you can easily take them with you on the plane.
  • Do you travel often? Then take our XL bag for your dirty laundry, for example. Don't worry, you can boil your silicone bag afterwards.
  • Keep track of your most important travel items in one place at the airport, such as your passport, boarding pass, headphones and passport.
  • When you are at the beach, take care of your electronic devices such as your cell phone, headphones and camera to avoid damaging them.
  • Keep your car keys or cell phone near water to prevent them from getting wet or damaged.
  • Fill it with ice and use your bag as a cooler bag.
  • Take your compost with you on tour and then throw it into your compost bin - for example, fruit scraps.
  • Pack first aid supplies so you always have something on hand while hiking.
  • Organize your makeup so you can carry it with you in your backpack or suitcase.
  • Do you want to take whey protein, creatine or other sports supplements with you when you travel? Then simply store them in your bag. You can easily fit a kilo of whey into our largest bag.
  • Take your vitamins, medications or nutritional supplements with you when you travel. You can easily store them in an OYEA silicone bag.
  • Separate your wet swimsuit from the dry clothes in your travel bag.
  • Avoid your hair straightener or curling iron burning your bag if you have to pack it while it's still hot. The silicone bags can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees.

For food

Silicone bags for food

  • Keep foods fresh in the refrigerator, such as fruits, vegetables, pickled barbecue items or delicious pastries.
  • Save leftover home-cooked meals.
  • Use OYEA as a takeaway container when you take food home from a restaurant.
  • Take a few silicone bags with you to the farmer's market or grocery store to fill with vegetables, berries, or other loose items that normally require a bag.
  • Pack a lunch or snacks for a trip.
  • Portion out "smoothie packages" for the freezer. Our OYEA favorite.
  • Steam vegetables in the microwave or in boiling water.
  • Marinate meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Melt chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave for baking.
  • Make your own ice cream.
  • Steam and chop nutritious vegetables for healthy, homemade baby food.
  • Quickly pickle fresh vegetables.
  • Freeze leftovers to make a tasty broth later.
  • Divide your freezer meals, like chili or soup, into OYEA bags and store them horizontally in the freezer to save space. Write the date on the matte side of the bag so you know how long it will last (and it wipes off easily with a damp cloth).
  • Heat popcorn in the microwave.
  • Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.
  • Reheat stale bread in the oven.
  • Chop up vegetables for a quick and healthy meal to go!
  • Take healthy snacks or sweets with you to the cinema. (Of course only if you are allowed to do so ;))
  • Keep your tea, nuts, oatmeal or other luxuries fresh in your bag.
  • Freeze cookies, muffins and pancakes to eat individually as desired.

OYEA Bags for Baby, Storage, Organization

Silicone bag for storage

  • Use your silicone bag as a heating pad by filling it with rice, for example, and putting it in the oven or microwave. This is perfect for relieving cramps or muscle pain after the gym.
  • Fill a bag with ice and use it as an ice pack for injuries.
  • Store homemade, reusable baby wipes or facial tissues.
  • Save dog treats for walks with your dog!
  • Keep your craft supplies organized and in good condition! Store clay and paints in airtight containers and collect small tools, markers, brushes, pens and erasers together in one place.
  • Store your children's Lego bricks and other small toys.
  • Store and disinfect breast pump parts.

These are just a few ideas and inspirations for how we use the OYEA silicone bags. Post your OYEA bag on Instagram or TikTok and tag us. We are looking forward to your creative suggestions. #oyea #oyeade